Parkview Services End of Year Annual Appeal is up and running!

Hey there!

Camp Leadership holding up a pinecone in a group of campers and volunteers.

In 2021, Parkview Services has been steadfast in its mission to create inclusive housing solutions that promote stability, opportunity, and community. Now more than ever, we need your support to provide the high-quality housing and community services that we have proudly been offering since 1967.

Parkview Services continues to improve our existing services while expanding our reach to help even more families in Washington. We worked creatively to continue offering safe and valuable recreation and community activities through our Camp Parkview Program. We continue to grow our Homeownership Program including the exciting opening of our Parkview East office in Spokane County. Our Mortage Default Team has stepped up to the challenges that have impacted struggling homeowners through the COVID-19 pandemic and help keep Washington residents in their homes. The Parkview Group Home has emphasized safety as they have had zero COVID-19 infections in staff or residents. And finally, the Affordable Housing Program continues to offer affordable rental housing to low-income residents with IDD’s, at 30% of their income no matter how low their income is.

We move forward with a community-based mindset. We value cooperation over competition, connection over being right, and right actions over complacency. We see our clients as people in three dimensions and recognize that each of them has a unique story. We are grateful for those in our community who provide us support and take the responsibility of your donations seriously. With this in mind, we reach out hoping for your continued support as the end of 2021 nears.

As we enter our second year without a fundraising auction, we are asking our friends, family, and community for their generosity in helping us meet our $20,000 goal. Please support the work our incredible on-the-ground staff is doing every day as we create inclusive, stable housing solutions that promote opportunity and community across Washington State.

Please check out our 2021 Annual Appeal by clicking HERE