Pre-Purchase Program

If you are interested in our Pre-Purchase Program and would like to purchase a home soon, please contact us and download, fill out and return this application to us. Some ways to return the application is via email, as a PDF, fax, or through the regular mail service. A pre-purchase counselor will contact you soon after submitting your application.

If you have any questions you can contact us:

  • (509) 861-3330
  • Toll-Free (877) 541-9846

Parkview Services began offering pre-purchase homeownership counseling and education in 2006. With down-payment assistance funding for low-to-moderate-income first-time homebuyers with disabilities and the family members who lived with them granted by the Washington Housing Trust Fund, Parkview’s pre-purchase counselors began to work with individuals and families to break down traditional barriers to homeownership.

Since the inception of pre-purchase services, we have helped 127 households become first-time homeowners through a unique combination of homebuyer education, one-on-one housing counseling, and layered down payment assistance.

Homebuyer Education Classes

What you will learn in our FREE classes:

Steps to Homeownership, Mortgages, Real Estate Contracts, How to shop for a Lender and Real Estate Agent, the Appraisal & Inspection, Home Maintenance, Down Payment & Closing Cost. As well as:

  • Fair Housing, Predatory Lending, Consumer Protection
  • Down Payment Assistance Opportunities & Programs, Selecting the Right Home for you
  • Budgeting & Credit, How much can You afford, How going Green saves you money, Owning vs. Renting

If you are interested you can register for our next class.

Pre-Purchase & Refinance Counseling

Parkview Services offers pre-purchase and refinance counseling for several programs. If you are working with HomeChoice, House Key Plus ARCH, Pierce County, or the City of Tacoma down payment assistance or are simply seeking counseling prior to purchasing or refinancing a home or mortgage, please fill out the corresponding budget counseling intake packet and return it to us.

Down Payment Applications

Pre-Purchase Intake Packet: DocuSign Link

Home Choice DPA Intake Packet: DocuSign Link

ARCH DPA Intake Packet: DocuSign Link

Seattle DPA Intake Packet: DocuSign Link

Clark County DPA Intake Packet DocuSign Link


Refinance Counseling Intake Packet PDF

About Our Program

Over the last decade, Parkview Services has assisted 127 individuals and families in becoming first-time homeowners in King, Snohomish, and Skagit Counties through the Pre-Purchase Homeownership Program. This program is designed to help low to moderate-income households with a member who has a disability* to purchase their first home.

This program combines homebuyer education, housing counseling, and down payment assistance. Funding is sourced through various governmental and private institutions, such as the Washington State Housing Trust Fund, King County, City of Seattle, Snohomish County, City of Everett, Skagit County, Washington State Housing Finance Commission, and the Federal Home Loan Bank. We are also grateful for funding from the First Federal Community Foundation.

Additional Resources

Know Your Rights

Pre-Purchase Homeownership FAQs