6 residents of the group home sitting on the porch, smiling.

Parkview Group Home

Parkview Group home overlooks Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill in Seattle. It has been a part of the diverse and vibrant Capitol Hill community since 1967. Originally established to provide residential support services to children with Developmental Disabilities, Parkview Group Home has developed a proud tradition of progressive, client-centered services for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDDs).
The shift from children to adult clients was made in 1995, because our clients, who had entered our care as children, were nearing adulthood. By making the shift to provide care for adults with IDDs, Parkview Group Home has been able to continue to serve the same people as they transitioned from youth to adulthood.

Currently, there are six adults with IDDs living at the Group Home, and most of them have known each-other and lived with one-another since childhood. The residents are close, and enjoy one-another’s company, but maintain their own individuality with different interests, friends, hobbies and lifestyles.

Committed Direct Support Professionals provide around the clock care, creating an empowering environment in which to live, learn and grow. Parkview Group Home balances safety with power and choice, giving its residents the opportunity to live chosen lives. We work to enhance the status of people with IDDs in their community and help create genuine relationships. Parkview believes people with all types of disabilities have the fundamental rights to live free of discrimination, be recognized for their contributions to their community and to live rich, fulfilling lives that reflect their personal preferences.

The Parkview Group Home would like to thank the Wockner Foundation for their continued support during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond!

In 2021, the Parkview Group Home received a generous grant from the Boeing Employees Community Fund that helped purchase a brand new hybrid mini-van. Thanks for the support, Boeing ECF.

Help Parkview  Group Home Residents & Staff Stay Safe and Healthy During Covid-19