Maintenance Requests

*** Maintenance Update, 9/28/2020***

Parkview Services’ maintenance staff are responding to requests for maintenance and repairs. Prior to the day of the scheduled maintenance, we will contact the house staff to verify if any tenant or staff has been sick in the past 2 weeks, and confirm the covid-19 protocol in place at each house.

For emergencies, please call (206) 476-4994. For regular maintenance issues please fill out the repair request form below. You may also submit your request by fax: 206-745-1101.

Emergencies include:

·         Total loss of electrical power or water supply (unrelated to area wide outages)

·         Total loss of hot water or a water system leak

·         Loss of building heat

·         Major sewer drain pipe blockages

·         Plugged toilet (if property only has one toilet)

·         Broken windows or external doors (that prevent locking)