Another Wonderful Rebuilding Day!

This year’s Spring Rebuilding Day was another great success. Rebuilding Together Seattle Volunteers from Pemco Insurance came out to our Affordable Housing Home on 168th and worked hard on the following projects:

-Much needed landscaping
-Rebuilding of front wheelchair ramp
-Rebuilt section of fencing
-Installation of fencing
-Installation of basement storage shelving

A HUGE Thank you to our amazing friends from Pemco. Our longtime relationship with RTS is so important to our tenants- great work everyone!

For more information about Rebuilding Together Seattle and Spring Rebuilding Day, please check out RTS’ website!

Check out our 55th Affordable Housing Home!

Our 55th Affordable Housing Program home goes into service next week! This renovated home in Algona will be rented to three tenants with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDDs).

The Affordable Housing Program currently provides high quality inclusive affordable housing for 157 low-income people with IDDs. Visit the AHP Page for more info about this important program.

Algona AHP Home, April 2017

A Big Thank You to our Spring Community Funders!

We are fortunate to have the support of many community foundations, Tribal charity boards and businesses this spring! Thank you for your investment in our Programs, you help us help others.

Puyallup Tribe: Federal Way Affordable Housing Renovations

Tulalip Charitable Fund: Mortgage Default Intervention in Snohomish County

BSNF Railroad Foundation: Affordable Housing Program Appliance Replacements

The Norcliffe Foundation: Three scholarships for Campers at Camp Parkview

Washington Federal Foundation: Pre-Purchase Homeowner Repair Fund

Washington Community Inclusion & Innovation Microgrants:Group Home inclusive community activities series

Walmart Store 2594, Lynnwood:  Affordable Housing Maintenance in Snohomish County

City of Seattle Neighborhood & Community Arts Program: Funding for Parkview Spring Dance 2017

Lake Forest Park Rotary: Funding for Parkview Spring Dance 2017

The Everett Clinic Foundation: Affordable Housing Maintenance & Repairs in Snohomish County- Everett & Lake Stevens


GiveBIG to Parkview in 2017

FAQ’s for donors

When is GiveBIG this year? Wed, May 10th, from 12am-12am

Can I schedule my donation in advance? Yes! Visit our giveBIG page and schedule your donation anytime after April 27th. Your transaction will not be processed until May 10th.

Can I designate my donation to be applied to certain program(s)? Of course- just put a note in the box at the bottom of the form to indicate which program(s) you’d like your donations to go to.

I heard Seattle Foundation discontinued their stretch pool- what is the benefit to non-profits by participating in GiveBIG now? Yes, the Foundation discontinued the stretch pool, but we still use the event as a catalyst for philanthropy in the spring. Because so many people are aware of giveBIG, it helps us to participate and draw people to us to learn more and give. Additionally, There’s a $350,000 pool called “Dollars for Change” that replaces the “Golden Ticket” of years past- The Golden Tickets were issued when participating non-profits were drawn at random throughout the day to receive $1,000 in addition to their giveBIG earnings. This new pool will draw random DONORS and they will be able to designate $2,500 to the non-profit of their choice. If you give to Parkview on this day via the giveBIG page, you could be one of the lucky donors chosen.

But what about the extra money we got through the stretch pool? The stretch pool wasn’t a match- it was 5-7% of the total donations we collected every year, which was just enough to cover the processing fees. This means we have to take care of the fees (4.3% this year) ourselves unless you click the box to cover your donation fee, which we really appreciate. Also, Parkview’s Board has developed a match pool of $1,400 to help offset the loss of the stretch pool. This means each Board Member contributes to a pool (outside of the giveBIG site, so no fees are taken from it), and with this pool they match all donations made up to the total amount of the pool, which is at $1,400 this year.

Are my donations tax deductible? Yes, and you’ll get a receipt when you make your payment and a thank you letter within a week of the event.

Can I give to more than one non-profit in one transaction? Yes! There’s a new “shopping cart feature,” so you can donate to all of your favorite NPOs in one go.

Other things to know

  • The minimum donation amount is $10.00. There is no maximum.
  • You can do an employer match with your donation, just give us the info in the notes section of the donation form.
  • To be counted towards our giveBIG total, we need our donations to be made online via our page at Seattle Foundation, but if you’d like to avoid the processing fee, we’d gladly accept a mailed check. All donations are welcome.
  • You may donate anonymously.
  • You may donate via your Donor Advised Fund at Seattle Foundation
  • We are very thankful for your support!

If you have other questions about giveBIG, contact Lauren Sabia at 206-542-6644 Ext. 151, or




Tribal Charity Funding, Spring 2017

Happy 2nd day of Spring!

We’re starting off this season with support from our local Tribal charity funds, which we are so thankful for. In Washington, we have many Tribes that are exceptionally generous and interested in helping to better local communities. Two of the Tribal funds that have recently awarded grants to Parkview are Puyallup Charity Trust Board and Tulalip Charitable Giving.

Puyallup Charity Trust Board’s generous grant will help our Affordable Housing Program complete the much needed renovations on our Federal Way home so we can finish and move more tenants with IDDs into safe, high-quality community-based affordable housing.



Tulalip Charitable Fund’s ongoing funding supports our Mortgage Default Program activities in Snohomish County. Parkview’s HUD Housing Counselors deliver housing counseling and provide foreclosure mediation representation all over the state, including hundreds of hours for Snohomish County Residents.


Thank you to both Tribal Giving Funds for supporting these important programs and for helping so many other Washington State non-profits to deliver vital programming to people in need.