Community Businesses Rally to Support Affordable Housing


60th Street Duplex Renovation or “The Joel Romeo Project”


Local businesses step up to help

Renovating a garage into a studio apartment with a separate entrance is an expensive and time consuming job. Fortunately, these local business owners have demonstrated their commitment to creating inclusive affordable housing in their community. Combined with financial support from Parkview Services, local foundations and the many donors who raised over $22,000 for Joel through his gofundme, this project is possible, and Joel will have a home for as long as he wishes to stay. Beyond Joel, this studio serves as an affordable housing rental for decades to come for other low-income people with disabilities.













Since Fall 2016, Max Wallace, Parkview Services, The Arc of King County, Provail and numerous community friends and supporters have been working to create a new home for Ballard resident Joel Romeo.

Joel is a man in his late 60’s who has lived in Ballard for close to 30 years. He loves rock music, karaoke, creating art and hanging with his many, many friends. Joel is also a person with autism and extremely low-income. He was evicted from his rental home of 20 years last summer, and his best friend Max sprung into action. Max started a gofundme campaign that has raised over $22,000, intended to help Joel transition into a new permanent home.

Joel loves Ballard, and Ballard loves Joel, and so the goal has been find to him a safe, high quality, affordable and long-term rental in the area. This task has proven difficult, given the current rental market. After he was first evicted, Joel was living in a hotel room on Aurora, because it was all he could afford.

Joel’s service providers, The Arc of King County and Provail, came together with Parkview Services and worked with Max to develop a plan to renovate an existing Parkview AHP home into a duplex with a studio for Joel to live in. The three organizations worked together to place Joel in temporary affordable housing in Shoreline at one of Parkview’s existing AHP homes, so he wouldn’t have to live in a hotel during the construction phase. Joel’s care providers continue to work with him and his friends have helped keep him connected to his community in Ballard as he’s temporarily displaced.

The studio is nearing it’s completion, with a goal for Joel to move in on October 1st. The new place is just blocks from his old home, and will mean he can stay connected to his community, where he is a beloved friend to many. 


Here are some current photos of the space. Skilled professionals are working to complete the project, and soon Rebuilding Together Seattle’s amazing crew of volunteers will be out to help us with framing.

Concrete work by Evergreen Concrete Cutting
Parkview AHP Inspector Peter Catterall on site
Though it looks rough now, this space will be a beautiful studio apartment.
Thank you, Evergreen Concrete Cutting!
Evergreen Concrete Cutting came out and did a much needed job so we could reach the pipes under the floor
Great Job

we still need Your help!

If you would like to contribute to this project financially or in-kind, we really need more support. We’ve encountered some unexpected problems over the past few months that have set us over budget. In order to finish on time, we need more $ and can use your help if you are skilled in construction trades. We also need donations of materials and installation for the following:

Specific items needed as of 8/11/2017:

  • Water Heater

  • Sink

  • Toilet

  • Drywall

  • 300+ SF laminate flooring or engineered hardwood

  • Drywall Primer & Interior Paint

  • Base & Case

  • FRP

  • Fiberglass insulation for walls and floors

Please contact Lauren Sabia at 206-542-6644 Ext. 151 or to help.

Sensational Summer Funders and Friends!

This summer has been wonderful, thanks to the amazing support of our local community foundations and county council and the incredible and tireless dedication of our volunteers, friends and donors (many of whom are one in the same!)

Bainbridge Community Foundation (BCF) awarded Parkview Services $2,500 for Mortgage Default Program housing counseling on Bainbridge Island and surrounding areas. We are happy to have developed a relationship with BCF as we serve struggling homeowners from Bainbridge. We first received funds for MD in 2016, and we’re thankful for the continued support of BCF.

The Community Foundation of Snohomish County (CFSC) has several Donor Advised Funds, four of which are the result of the generosity of the Nysether Family. This year, the Nysether Family’s Brent’s Fund for Disabilities granted Parkview’s Pre- Purchase Program $5,000 for pre-purchase housing counseling to low-moderate income people with disabilities and the family members that live with them. We are thankful to the Nysethers for recognizing this need and contributing to our program activities in Snohomish County. This is a new relationship as of this year, and we look forward to helping CFSC and the Nysether Family get to know Parkview Services through our work with first-time homebuyers with disabilities.

The King County Council voted this month to award Parkview Group Home a new (to us) van from the Metro Vanpool! The Group Home’s previous van was totaled in an accident when it was hit by another car this spring. (Nobody was hurt!) The settlement we received from the accident wasn’t enough to replace the very expensive 8-seater van, which is what is needed to transport all six residents and two staff. We’re thrilled to be getting a new van in September, and we’d like to thank Councilmember Rod Dembowski for his support and advocacy and Elizabeth Evans for her incredible help and support through the process.

Camp Parkview friends rallied this month and in five days, they met a pressing need. The golf cart at Camp Burton bit the dust, and our Camp Directors were scrambling to figure out what to do to replace it before Camp Parkview’s 2017 session starts in just a couple of weeks! With some quick thinking and the amazing help of our donors and friends, we were able to purchase a used golf cart that was checked by a mechanic and delivered to Camp Burton!

Special thanks to John Holliday, John Carson, Tom Swanson, Nancy Trenbeth, Arthur Ortiz, Frank O’Neill, Sue Theiler, Jen Gilbert, Charles Moody and everyone that shared and helped us with this need.

Thank you to all of our amazing friends, donors and advocates. You help us create inclusive housing solutions that promote stability opportunity and community!

Another Wonderful Rebuilding Day!

This year’s Spring Rebuilding Day was another great success. Rebuilding Together Seattle Volunteers from Pemco Insurance came out to our Affordable Housing Home on 168th and worked hard on the following projects:

-Much needed landscaping
-Rebuilding of front wheelchair ramp
-Rebuilt section of fencing
-Installation of fencing
-Installation of basement storage shelving

A HUGE Thank you to our amazing friends from Pemco. Our longtime relationship with RTS is so important to our tenants- great work everyone!

For more information about Rebuilding Together Seattle and Spring Rebuilding Day, please check out RTS’ website!

Check out our 55th Affordable Housing Home!

Our 55th Affordable Housing Program home goes into service next week! This renovated home in Algona will be rented to three tenants with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDDs).

The Affordable Housing Program currently provides high quality inclusive affordable housing for 157 low-income people with IDDs. Visit the AHP Page for more info about this important program.

Algona AHP Home, April 2017

A Big Thank You to our Spring Community Funders!

We are fortunate to have the support of many community foundations, Tribal charity boards and businesses this spring! Thank you for your investment in our Programs, you help us help others.

Puyallup Tribe: Federal Way Affordable Housing Renovations

Tulalip Charitable Fund: Mortgage Default Intervention in Snohomish County

BSNF Railroad Foundation: Affordable Housing Program Appliance Replacements

The Norcliffe Foundation: Three scholarships for Campers at Camp Parkview

Washington Federal Foundation: Pre-Purchase Homeowner Repair Fund

Washington Community Inclusion & Innovation Microgrants:Group Home inclusive community activities series

Walmart Store 2594, Lynnwood:  Affordable Housing Maintenance in Snohomish County

City of Seattle Neighborhood & Community Arts Program: Funding for Parkview Spring Dance 2017

Lake Forest Park Rotary: Funding for Parkview Spring Dance 2017

The Everett Clinic Foundation: Affordable Housing Maintenance & Repairs in Snohomish County- Everett & Lake Stevens