Happy International Women’s Day from Parkview Services!

Today, we celebrate the achievements of women who have made a significant impact on our community, particularly in the area of advocacy and support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We mourn the passing of two trailblazing pioneers who have contributed immensely to our community. Stella Chivers, who dedicated her life to creating safe housing solutions for individuals with disabilities, passed away in February. Along with her late husband Norm, Stella purchased a home on Capitol Hill in Seattle in 1967 for their son Billy to live in with a few of his peers. She worked tirelessly for the first licensed group home in the state of Washington, often without pay for the first seven years. In 2023, Parkview Services still operates this Group Home, with five residents living safe, happy lives within those same walls.

Stella’s sacrifice and dedication to the cause of providing safe and comfortable housing for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities is a testament to the tireless efforts of women in our community. Women all over the world make similar sacrifices to create positive change, and we at Parkview Services appreciate and honor their contributions year-round.

Judy Heumann, a fierce disability rights advocate, also passed away last Sunday at the age of 75. Ms. Heumann was a teacher in New York City, and when she was not allowed to work due to discrimination against people with disabilities, she became a one-woman advocate to be allowed to teach. She went on to become an official in the Clinton administration, a special adviser in the Obama State Department, and a fellow or board member of some of the country’s leading nonprofits. She was also featured in the Oscar-nominated 2020 documentary “Crip Camp.”

These women have left an indelible mark on our community, and their contributions will never be forgotten. Today, we recognize and appreciate the many women who work tirelessly to create positive change in our society, and the women who make Parkview Services the thoughtful, caring, and compassionate organization that we are today.

Happy International Women’s Day!