Barbarita’s Story


Sometimes in life, we carry tremendous weight on our shoulders and we’re presented with choices that force us to rise to levels we didn’t think possible. How we respond to unexpected pressures can determine the course of our lives, and when we’re able to respond with grace, strength and action, we can stay the course to success.

Barbarita came to us in 2018, seeking help with her mortgage situation. A true caregiver by both vocation and circumstance, she was struggling to make her house payments, and in danger of foreclosure.

A veteran of the armed services, a Certified Nursing Assistant and a person living with a chronic autoimmune disease, Barbarita worked two jobs to support three children- none of whom were hers by birth. Her jobs as a school district bus driver and as an employee working with children at ” A Place Called Hope,” supported the family of four, which included Barbarita, her 11 year-old great niece and her 4 year old god son and his 14 year old brother. Barbarita carried her family by herself as a single mother. Her intent was to adopt all three children, but her financial situation made it impossible to come up with the necessary adoption fees.

Sue Stevenson, a Parkview HUD Approved Housing Counselor, worked with the VA to submit Barbarita’s financial information and hardship letter to mediation, and in April 2018, Barbarita was granted a Trial Home Loan Modification. Now almost a year later, having successfully completed all requirements of the trial, she is in the final stages of her permanent affordable home loan modification. Barbarita and her children will remain in their home, within their Tacoma neighborhood and better afford their life together as a family, because she reached out for help.

Everyone needs a hand at some point in life, and we’re proud to be one of those hands to help when homeowners are struggling. Please remember that hard situations happen to everybody, and resources like Parkview Services’ Mortgage Default Program are here to help.

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