Another garden season is possible, with Parkview

We wanted to share this beautiful client letter that shows just how important our housing counseling services are to the community. The impact counselor Rebecca Saeter had on this family was tremendous, and not soon to be forgotten. Parkview Services is here for you too, if you’re experiencing a hardship and need mortgage assistance. Give us a call at 206-542-6644.

 How do I even start this letter? I find it hard to come up with the right words to express how much we are thankful for and owe to Parkview Services and their counselor Rebecca Saeter. Without their tremendous support and Rebecca’s very hard work, knowledge and persistence we would have lost not just our home but our livelihoods as well!

There are things as a home owner you take for granted until the possibility of no longer having a home hits you. Then you have to think, how and where will we take care of our 2 large dogs and the big aquarium with the fish you jokingly call you co workers? What do we do with the heavy piano that has been in the family for 7 generations and has been entrusted to you? Will we be around long enough to harvest the garden we planted early on in the season? All small stressors in themselves but building up on top of the biggest one –how did possibly being homeless happen to us and what can we even do?

 This is why Parkview is so essential! Our predicament all started when my husband lost his job due to the company closing its doors. We got behind a month and called our mortgage lender, like most would. We were bounced around to a few different departments and finally spoke to someone who assured us it was no problem. They set up a repayment plan and gave us a start date for it. Unfortunately it was incorrect but was never communicated to us. Then by our own fault we again missed a payment. We swallowed our pride and asked our church to help with a month, then sent in our own double payment when the time came again. After a month our check was returned to us, saying it couldn’t be accepted as we were now officially in foreclosure!

 After the initial freak out and crying was over, we called a few of the numbers provided at the bottom of the official letter about the foreclosure. They weren’t much help but one suggested calling a place called Parkview Services. We still weren’t sure what to do, what the legal ramifications were and calling the mortgage company for answers proved futile.

You have NO idea what a blessing Parkview and Rebecca were (and have been)! That phone call was a game changer. No one blew us off or sugar coated the situation. Our questions were encouraged and answered in lemans terms so we could wrap our heads around what was going on and what needed to be done. It was spelled out right off the bat that it was going to need to be a group effort and we needed to roll up our sleeves with them if we were going to get answers and a solution. I admit it hasn’t been pretty and I’m pretty sure a small forest was sacrificed for all the paperwork involved. But there is absolutely NO WAY we could have done this on our own. I can’t even fathom it. The behind the scenes calls, paperwork and man hours alone are boggling! Forget even where to start, all the legal things needed and what deadlines were what.

As soon as something new came up, Rebecca was on it and kept us informed and in the loop in a timely manner. Not just for what was happening, but why and then what the next steps were to take. The services provided by people like Rebecca and her team at Parkview Services were a life saver for us. To have them all under the same roof so they are able to stay on the same page for a client is indispensible.  And that the service was provided at no cost made me want to cry all over again.

I know this is a long letter for having a hard time finding the words. There are quite a few actually, like compassionate, skilled, hard working, knowledgeable. They fit the bill for so many. But as I sit out here on my patio, watching the dogs play in the yard and thumbing through a seed catalog for another garden season, my heart is full and one word does come to mind-Remarkable.