Vibrant Palette Arts Center F.A.Q.

Where are you located?
We are located at Pratt Fine Arts Center, 1905 South Main Street in Seattle.
Our mailing address is:
Vibrant Palette Arts Center
C/O Parkview Services
4720 200th St SW, Suite 200
Lynnwood, WA 98036
When are art sessions?
Sessions are held every Wednesday, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
How much does each session cost?
The tuition is $11 per hour (please expect this price to change to reflect current programming costs in summer 2023).
Are there scholarships available?
Yes, please contact us. No artists will be turned away for lack of funds.
How do I apply for a session?
Please fill out an application here.
How big are the sessions?
Sessions are limited to 12 artists at a time (not including caregivers).
What will artists do during a session? Sessions consist of open studio time with the ability to be guided by art instructors and volunteers. Supplies are available, and include paints, mixed media, markers, pencils, paper, canvas, wood, and are based on availability.
Is lunch provided?
No, please bring your own lunch. We have limited access to a microwave but no refrigerator access.
Are artists required to have their caregiver in attendance?
Caregivers may be required to stay if the participant has a feeding tube or is not independent with toileting hygiene. Caregivers should also stay if intensive one-on-one attention is required. We anticipate that many participants will be able to participate without a caregiver present, but reserve the right to require caregiver attendance at staff discretion.
If a caregiver attends, are they required to pay?
No, caregivers that attend with a participant are not required to pay a separate tuition.
Can caregivers participate if they stay?
Caregivers are encouraged to interact with staff and other artists, and may choose to partake in their own creative endeavors as long as it does not interfere with Vibrant Palette artists’ own creative processes and visions.
Can I sign up for multiple days per week?
Not at this time. As of April 2023, we will host sessions only on Wednesdays. Our goal is to eventually become a multi-day per week program.
Can I volunteer to teach art skills or to help out in the studio?
We always welcome volunteers to assist in the studio. If you would like to volunteer to teach a skill, please contact
What do I need to do in order to volunteer?
If you’d like to volunteer, you will need to pass a background screening. Please contact us for more information.
Is there a minimum age for participating?
As this is currently an adults-only program, participants must be at least 18 to participate.
Do you have a children’s program?
We currently do not have a children’s program. 
As a participant, will I have an opportunity to sell my pieces if I want to?
Yes! We regularly host art shows where art pieces will be available for purchase. If your artwork is purchased, you will get 50% of the proceeds, and 50% goes to Vibrant Palette. 
How do I know if I qualify as a participant?
Our program aims to provide participants with disabilities a chance to express themselves creatively, learn a new medium, add structure to their day, and make new friends. Please feel welcome to join us if you feel you have a genuine physical, cognitive, mental, or emotional disability.