In 2008 Parkview Services started seeing foreclosure issues arise in the community we served as a result of the mortgage crisis and unexpected financial hardships our clients were facing. We began to respond to the need for housing counseling and advocacy to prevent foreclosures, on a very small scale, as there were no formal housing counseling agencies in the state, and we had just one HUD approved housing counselor on staff. By 2011, Parkview had played a key role in the passage of the Washington Foreclosure Fairness Act (FFA), testifying to the legislature about the extreme need for housing counseling services to prevent foreclosures. Through the funding provided by the FFA, Parkview started its Mortgage Default Program and expanded our staff to accommodate the hundreds of homeowners in need of help each year. Since that time, we’ve helped over 35,000 Washington homeowners prevent unnecessary foreclosure and mitigate damages to get back on track to financial stability through our no-cost services, and we are currently the largest HUD approved housing counseling agency in the state of Washington.