Mortgage Default Program

Since 2011, Parkview has provided foreclosure help services to thousands of Washington homeowners.

Our HUD Approved Housing Counselors provide no-cost, unbiased housing counseling to struggling homeowners. We help navigate through financial hardships to avoid foreclosure and mitigate losses. Any number of things can cause finances to get off track, from loss of employment, reduced work hours, extended illness, separation or divorce, a death in the family and other situations. Parkview’s Counselors are experts at foreclosure help for homeowners; we meet individual goals by establishing a budget, setting priorities and determining a strategy going forward.

Parkview Housing Counselors give clients detailed information about the foreclosure process in Washington State. We provide one-on-one assistance and access to community resources. We are a full-service counseling agency, which means we will negotiate with mortgage lenders on your behalf to obtain home loan modifications or other repayment or non-retention options to prevent foreclosure. Help for homeowners through representation at foreclosure mediation ensures you will have a knowledgeable advocate working on your behalf to reach the best possible outcomes.

Parkview’s Mortgage Default Program is largely funded by the Washington Foreclosure Fairness Act. We offer our services to all homeowners who are struggling in Washington State. Since program inception in 2011, we have helped over 26,600 homeowners.

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