WA Dept of Commerce Invests $1.6 Million in Parkview Services Homeownership Program

LYNNWOOD, WA, The Washington State Department of Commerce announced historic investments totaling $312.6 million to address the urgent need for affordable housing in communities throughout Washington state. Parkview Services received a record $1.6 million and will dedicate these funds to support first-time home buyers seeking down payment assistance, in Washington, through its Homeownership Program.

This award allows Parkview Services to amplify the depth and reach of the program, and means many qualified applicants could receive as much as $60,000 to $100,000 in down payment assistance. This comes at a very important time for Parkview as interest rates and home prices remain volatile. Affordable home inventory (for both existing and new construction) is very low, and the home supply is expected to remain this way for the near future. These funds will be distributed to first-time home buyers, throughout Washington. For many, the down payment assistance has the potential to shrink the competitive gap, and improve individuals and families’ chances at getting their home purchase offer accepted.
Details about Parkview’s pre-purchase, mortgage default, and free homebuyer education programs are available online at parkviewservices.org. Interviews with Parkview staff, clients and families that have received down payment assistance, are available upon request.

Parkview Services is one of Washington’s largest, and most successful, nonprofit affordable housing providers specializing in serving adult individuals with I/DDs. Their programs create affordable housing, provide supported living services, and provide community engagement programming (Camp Parkview and Vibrant Palette) that dramatically improve the quality of life for adult’s living with I/DDs.

About Parkview Services
Founded in 1967, by parents of a child with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Parkview Services creates affordable, inclusive housing solutions that promote stability, opportunity and community for all Washingtonians. We believe that housing is a fundamental human right. Unprecedented statewide need for affordable housing and support services has fueled Parkview’s program expansion which, today, includes affordable housing options, supportive living services, summer camp, visual art programs, dozens of partnerships, mortgage default assistance, homebuyer education and counseling, and down payment assistance. In 2023 Parkview Services was designated a By-and-For organization by the Washington Department of Commerce.
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Parkview Services Delivers on Promise for More Affordable Housing to Vulnerable Populations


Seven Active Projects in WA will house 35 adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DDs) by close of 2024 

LYNNWOOD, WANovember 20, 2023 –Parkview Services, a Washington state nonprofit affordable housing provider, announces progress on seven affordable housing projects they’re actively managing. Their efforts align with this state’s unprecedented need to serve an estimated 37,000* I/DD adults with unmet housing needs. And, as Washington voters (and a Sightline poll) confirmed on November 7, 2023 by passing the Seattle Housing Levy by a wide margin, this state needs policy and funding adjustments that allow for more varied housing types.

Delivering on their promise to provide affordable housing for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DDs), Parkview Services has been working tirelessly to finance, remodel, restructure and/or newly-construct homes at seven different locations. Affordable Housing project updates are:  

  • Mukilteo and Everett properties are in the process of completing pre-contract requirements with the Department of Commerce for acquisition and remodel financing. Both homes are expected to transition to permanent affordability in 2024. The Marysville property has completed its transition to affordability and minor renovations are complete. Together, these 3 Snohomish properties will serve eight adult tenants with I/DDs   
  • Renovations and sitework has begun on a one-of-a-kind Stabilization, Assessment and Intervention Facility (SAIF) Group Training Home in Gig Harbor. This new collaboration with the DSHS/DDA will be completed by late January 2024. It’s designed to serve up to six tenants, for a minimum of 30-day stays, as tenants transition from state-run facilities into group home settings.
  • The Parkview/Homestead Community Land Trust partnership has completed construction on two four-bedroom homes at The Southard in Tukwila. Those homes will be move-in ready for eight adult tenants with I/DDs early in 2024.
  • Permitting and preliminary construction is underway for the DADU Pilot Project and Lake City Remodel in Seattle. When completed, by late Spring of 2024, the property will serve five adult tenants with I/DDs,
  • Funding is secured and early planning has begun for two homes in Graham. By the end of 2024, they’ll serve eight tenants in total.

Support for these affordable housing projects has come from 

  • Snohomish, King and Pierce County governments
  • Homestead Community Land Trust
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines
  • Washington State Department of Commerce Housing Trust Fund
  • King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks: Wastewater Treatment Division
  • The KUNI and Norcliffe Foundations

Parkview Services is one of Washington’s largest, and most successful, nonprofit affordable housing providers specializing in serving adult individuals with I/DDs. Their programs not only make housing affordable but they can also include support services, and provide an easy through-line to Parkview-managed community engagement programming (ie Camp Parkview and Vibrant Palette) that dramatically improve the quality of life for adult’s living with I/DDs. 

For each of the seven active projects listed above, adult tenants with I/DDs contribute no more than 30% of their annual median income (AMI) toward rent. On average, their rent is around $300 per month. 

Interviews with Parkview staff and affordable housing clients about these projects, and 2024/2025 projects in-the-works, are available upon request. More information at parkviewservices.org

About Parkview Services 

Parkview Services creates inclusive housing solutions that promote stability, opportunity and community. Founded in 1967 by Dr. Norman and Stella Chivers, parents of Bill, a child with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DDs), they created a safe, stable community-based Group Home for their son and others that remains operational to this day. Unprecedented statewide need, coupled with the founder’s belief that affordable high-quality housing and support services should be available to all, has fueled Parkview’s program expansion. Today Parkview Services serves all Washingtonians, through multiple programs, that include dozens of partnerships, group and affordable home options, supportive living services, summer camp and day arts programs, mortgage default assistance and homeownership education. 

A Year of Growth: Parkview Services Releases 2022 Annual Report on Affordable Housing


Summarizes Efforts and Costs toward Filling Massive Gap for Estimated 37,000* Underserved WA Adults with I/DDs

LYNNWOOD, WA – Parkview Services unaudited 2022 Annual Report to the Community is available online today. Numbers reveal a year of tremendous growth for this 56-year-old nonprofit working to support all Washingtonians, especially those with I/DDs, seeking to find, buy, or keep a home.  Parkview Services’ impact touches all corners of Washington state through four innovative programs: Affordable Housing, Homeownership, Group Home & Supported Living Services and Community Engagement.

Parkview’s 2022 operating budget was $4.688 million, with the largest portion of those monies allocated toward their affordable housing programming. This program is critical toward making huge strides toward supporting the estimated 37,000 I/DD adults in Washington with unmet or underserved housing needs*. Through Parkview’s affordable housing program, adult tenants with I/DDs contribute no more than 30% of their annual median income (AMI) toward rent. By December of 2022 Parkview had 208 units available. In 2022 funding was secured to develop six new affordable housing projects, including a first-of-its-kind Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU) Pilot Project on Lake City Way in Seattle. Additional projects in the pipeline, at various stages of development, are in Tukwila, Seattle, Marysville, Mukilteo, Graham, Gig Harbor, and Everett. By the end of 2023 Parkview Services expects to have 218 available units for adults with I/DDs and more than 230 available units by the end of 2024.

Parkview Services staff and client base increased in 2022 while community engagement programming, like Camp Parkview, have expanded in size and depth while delivering on their promise to provide a higher quality of life. The homeownership programs reach all individuals in WA, not just adults with I/DDs. In 2022 this program helped over 5,200 individuals buy, or keep, a new home through homeownership education and mortgage default programs that include classes, counseling, downpayment assistance, or agreements and resolutions with loan servicers to prevent foreclosure. 

Parkview Services executive director Marc Cote explained, “we have been laying groundwork and knocking on funders doors for the more than 5 years. In 2022, our hard work finally started to pay off. Our incredible staff and supporters will continue to work tirelessly to level the playing field so everyone who wants and needs a home can have one.”

Interviews with staff and affordable housing clients are available upon request.

Parkview Services is Awarded WA State Funding for Six Affordable Housing Projects


LYNNWOOD, WA – Parkview Services is proud to announce that all six of its funding applications to the
Washington State Department of Commerce Housing Trust Fund have been awarded. The total funding
provided is $5,601,692, which will be used to create affordable housing for extremely low-income adults
with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD).

“We are thrilled to have received this funding, which will allow us to provide much-needed housing options for individuals with I/DD,” said Marc Cote, Executive Director of Parkview Services. “Access to affordable housing is a fundamental human right, and we are grateful to the Housing Trust Fund for their support in making this a reality for our community.”

The funded projects will be located in Seattle, Graham, Gig Harbor, and Everett and will provide a total of 25 units of affordable housing. The Projects Include:

  • Construction of a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU) at an existing Parkview Services
    property in the Lake City neighborhood in Seattle.
  • Renovation of an existing property in the Lake City neighborhood of Seattle that will add a new
    bedroom and bathroom to the house.
  • The completion of the Group Training Home project in Gig Harbor. This is a legislatively mandated
    program in partnership with Washington State Developmental Disabilities Administration. This
    project will create 6 units of transitional housing for individuals in crisis or moving from long term
    institutional care to in community housing.
  • The construction of a new 4-bedroom house in Graham on vacant land Parkview Services currently owns.

“We are committed to creating inclusive communities where individuals with I/DD can thrive,” said Peter Catterall, Project Manager of the Parkview Services Affordable Housing Program. “These projects will provide a place for people with I/DDs to call home.”

The Washington State Department of Commerce Housing Trust Fund is dedicated to increasing the availability of affordable housing and preventing displacement of individuals with I/DDs in Washington State. According to a 2022 Report to the Legislature, there are 37,000 adults with I/DD in Washington with unmet housing needs. Parkview’s current tenants’ average annual income is $14,100 per year. This is about 15% of the Area Median Income – well below even the “extremely low-income” designation our program is designed to serve. Our program charges tenants only 30% of their income (minus utilities) for rent, no matter how low.

Parkview awarded over 1.2 million in state funding for low-income housing and homeownership


Today, Washington Department of Commerce awarded Parkview Services over 1.2 million from the Housing Trust Fund to create affordable rental housing for extremely low-income people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDDs) and provide down payment assistance for low-to-moderate income households with special needs.

The funding comes as two awards- the first award of $642,150 was awarded for the creation of 8 affordable housing units for extremely low-income people with IDDs in Tukwila. Riverton Park, a collaboration between Homestead Community Land Trust and Parkview Services, combines affordable rental housing for people with IDDs and affordable homeownership for low-income families. Both types of housing- rented and owned, will be part of an innovative and inclusive new community model.

The second award of $600,000 will provide down payment assistance funds for 10 low-to-moderate income special needs households. First-time homebuyers with disabilities and the family members that live with them will recieve first-time homebuyer education, specialized pre-purchase housing counseling and down payment assistance to overcome traditional barriers to homeownership. These funds will be used to purchase homes in King, Snohomish and Skagit County.

See link to all 2019 Stage 2 HTF awards below: